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Adult Membership(s) at 50€
Youth Membership(s) (16-18) at 30€ (children below the age of 16 are free)
Supporting Membership(s) – 15/18/20€ (Non-Attending, we will mail you your badge & programme booklet and mention you as a contributor)
Kid-/Plushie-Badge: 1€
Hostel Accomodation Adult(s) Friday – Sunday: 79€
Hostel Accomodation Child(ren) 11-17  Friday – Sunday: 77€
Hostel Accomodation Child(ren) 6-10   Friday – Sunday: 48€
Hostel Accomodation Child(ren) 3-5   Friday – Sunday: 41€
Hostel Accomodation Adult(s) Friday – Monday: 103€
Hostel Accomodation Child(ren) 11-17   Friday – Monday: 99€
Hostel Accomodation Child(ren) 6-10   Friday – Monday: 61€
Hostel Accomodation Child(ren) 3-5  Friday – Monday: 53€
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